Monday, October 24, 2016

4 Tips for Fast Weight Loss in 2 Weeks

weight loss in 2 weeks

Everyone wants to keep a healthy look, maintain a slimmer physique and would do anything to lose a significant amount of that extra ounce or pounds of flesh. But it does appear many are looking for that magic wand for a quick fix. To put in a better way, there is no silver bullet fix it all strategy for weight loss, however, if you are really serious and willing to go the extra mile to look really great then this 4 quick tips  can help you lose that that extra fat  in two weeks
weight loss in two weeks


– This isn’t an out of the box strategy. 30 minutes to two hours strenuous exercise such as fast swimming, jogging up and down the stairs is enough to help you burn enough calories. Take an hour long walk on most evenings. Exercise not only help burn calories, it also helps build muscles and prevent muscle loss.

Mind what you eat

Try to be your own nutritionist, study what types of food combinations really work for your body. Taking a deliberate analysis of your meals over a period of time, let’s say for a period of 2 months will help you find out how your body weighed and responded to these diet combination over time.

As a general rule to achieving weight loss, take vegetables and fruits all the time. Eating carrots, cucumbers, watermelons and salads in the morning, 3 – 4 hours before your breakfast and hours before you go to bed at night work wonders.  This strategy has worked for a lot of people in their quest to achieving a slimmer body and losing weight fast in two weeks.

Avoid refined carbohydrates 

According to nutritionist experts at Harvard Medical School, if you want to lose weight faster, you must limit your intake of meat especially processed meat and do all you can to avoid things like white bread and added sugar (soft drink, cookies, chocolate, candy etc), drink water instead. Avoid saturated fats sources such as butter, margarine.

Stop eating before you are filled 

When you are out or about taking a meal, do not wait until you get stuffed up before you quit eating. Instead, try eating in bits spread over several hours and ensure you take lots of water at least 30 minutes before each meal especially during launch.  

I guarantee you can achieve fast weight loss in less than two weeks, if you follow this easy tips.


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